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I think I like this MC quite a lot

On the Edge -  Ilona Andrews

Urban Fantasy, at times, has a tendency to feel a wee bit samey.


That's not bad, per se. It's sort of like epic fantasy, or a Brian Jacques book, or romance novels (I presume. I haven't read many.) You pick it up because they tend to do something you like reliably. You want the elves or the magic or the happily ever after or the overly elaborate descriptions of vegetarian feasts.


But sometimes, you just get to a point where you think, if I have to read about one more snarky, badass yet emotionally vulnerable woman working as a merc or a PI while wearing leather of some description and fighting off the advances of the hottest supernaturals known to man as they battle an ancient evil, I'm going to give up books.


And so we come to this book - a story about a woman working a cleaning job and wearing her Wal-Mart best while trying to raise the two young children she's responsible for. She's got a power, but it's brought her nothing but trouble. And I don't mean that in the sense of she misused the power once and regrets it, or that if she uses it too much the wrong people might come after her, or anything. While she does love her power, it has done just one good thing for her, and that one thing was to deal with a situation that her power created in the first place.


I really like Rose. I like her frugality and her love of the boys. I like the way she deals with her neighbors, both the friendly ones and the not-so-friendly ones. I love the way she's come to terms with a life she kind of hates and sees the positives. I also love the way the world is set up - not just our regular world with magic, but this interesting thing where there's a whole magic world and a whole normal world, and then there's a barrier where some people can travel between the two, known as The Edge (hence the title). It's like the best of both the magic-in-our-Earth and separate-magical-Earth worlds.


Her life is tossed like a salad as the book starts. Two handsome strangers step into her life, one of whom is an arrogant nobleman from the magical world (called The Weird). The other is a cute guy in the normal world (The Broken) who she doesn't feel much of a connection with but who seems really nice and is great with the kids. And then there's the hounds - mythical, magic-hungry creatures who seem bent on destroying everyone and who take some work to kill.


This book is nice - it has a good mix of a fantasy/fairy tale feel with the traditional urban fantasy stuff. If there's one thing that gave me pause, it was that the book got kind of a slow start. Not bad, but it felt like it meandered just a little and I wasn't sure it was going to hook me. But then, hoo boy, did it. Bayou Moon, here I come!