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Kat and Mouse, Guns for Hire - Abner Senires

Tons of action and a solid near-future cyberpunkish tone set the stage for this book. Well, more like a collection of short stories, detailing the lives of Kat and Mouse, two Ronin who solve problems with cleverness and violence for the right price.


There is a LOT of action in this book - there's sometimes so much going on it feels like you just started one of the stories and you're already reaching the end. I do think I would have liked some more slow moments myself, just to explore the characters and their histories and motivations more. But that's not the sort of story this is. It's a thrill ride, where once you crest that first hill, it's going to keep roaring along until it reaches the station. It does end on a cliffhangerish note, but not in a bad way.


Definitely a lot of fun to read. :)